Energy Fields
April 1, 2009

When I look at the world of energy, I can not escape the real-eye-sation we are one
huge mass of energy/God. We are particles of the Whole.

In essence, each person looks like an antenna vibrating millions and trillions of wave
like messages to each other, in every moment. This is part of what creates the
energy fields in and around you as individuals.  The field, and your recognition of it’s
content, is what transforms communication waves into matter. Another way to say
this is…what matters to you will matter into form, be in your reality.  

Your energy field is always with you and carries your whole life story along with your
greatest potentials.  It carries your past, present and your possible futures.  Anyone
can learn to see fields of energy and learn to read them. Everyone has an energy
field and everyone’s is different.  (At least I have never seen any one the same.)  
Some are covered up or surrounded by walls of fear, doubt and disbelief. In essence
every single one of us is an open book…way more than we know.  

The energy field carries the total of who you were and who you will be and can often
times camouflage someone from knowing who they really are today. The fields are
made up of ones life experiences and the beliefs/interpretations one has on those
experiences. It also is made up by dreams of the individual.  The field’s strength to
manifest into reality comes from the individuals “feeling” they have on the certain


A woman hears herself say over and over through out the years,

“There just are not any more good men left, who are single.”   (old belief, with feeling)

These thoughts, along with her feelings about the subject,  is creating a field of
energy which is repelling all single wonderful men away from her. Thankfully, she/he
can change the belief/thinking and therefore change their field of

I encourage all of us this month to acknowledge the kind of thinking and feeling you
are really having on areas of your life you want the most change in.    Money,
relationships, career?   By doing this you are working to shift your fields of influence
and receive more of the life you came here to live.  

May the love of the Universe flood your fields of influence this day!

With love,
Coach Dawnrose
P.S.  Energy does not hide nor lie.  It is what it is.  Truth lives in the energy fields and
there are no secrets in energy/God.  
A Course in Miracles
Lesson 125
“In quiet I receive God’s
Word today.”

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