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New Life Coaching and Consulting
I am one of the many
servants of Our Great
Creator, Christ Jesus
and the Holy Spirit. My
vision is to hear His Voice
better and better every
day, and in every
moment, for myself or
anyone who is asking.
Apostle Paul encouraged
all to seek love and to
prophecy.  In other
words... Hear the
Creators Words of great
Wisdom and Counsel in
1 Corinthians 14:1   
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John 14:26 But the Helper, the
Holy Spirit, whom the Father will
send in My name, He will teach you
all things, and bring to your
remembrance all things that I said
to you.
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by Dawnrose
Holy Spirit Led Coaching
It's good to have the Guide
on the Inside!
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New Life Coaching and Consulting
New Life Coaching and Consulting
I thought I would talk to God, on behalf of all of us on the planet.  I
sometimes communicate/pray to our Creator and ask questions so I
can be filled with His knowledge and Wisdom.  
Lord here on Earth I have experienced :
•        The one who does the evil is overlooked but the one who
exposes evil is called bad.
•        Most have heard of you but many do not know you.
•        Many find discomfort with the truth and find comfort in the lies.
•        There are accusations and blame where there is innocence.
•        There is theft against those who TRUST.
•        Most expect the truth but will hesitate, themselves,  to give it.
•        Many speak lies to gain favor and the Truth gets lost in                
•        There is mistrust before you have spoke.
•        We are cursed even though we bless.
•        There are rewards for those who are "creatively" wicked (lying
and stealing and violence)
•        There is little to no reward for being true and loyal.
•        Most want joy and happiness but few have it.
•        Many pray to You when they are in trouble and shelf |You when
they are on top.
•        Many pray for Your help and will not acknowledge You after you
answer them.
•        Holding resentments seems easier than forgiving.
New Life Coaching and Consulting
Something  NEW
If any of these are your questions too and you
would like to comment or share some of Gods
great awareness ..Please
email me or visit me
on facebook under: DawnroseInvirginia.   
I pray God Bless You and show you the Riches He has
planned for you. I pray you seek His love, Wisdom,  Grace and
Mercy and to KNOW the Living God....TRUE!      IJN Amen
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Go Within or Go
Holy Spirit tells me:  
The the mindset of Heaven
is slowly beginning to
replace the mindset of
You have no real choice in the Satan's
world...your choices are this or that,
good or bad, right or wrong, winner or  
You r in perfection on your way to
cooler perfection.
What if the enemy is bound what if all
that is left is Satan's old world.
(thought system) An old idea of what
life can be.