Locker and Socrates
Dawnrose’s Background Includes:

  • Professional Certified Life Coach at the International Coach Academy,
  • Spiritual Counselor, American Institute of Health Care Professionals.
  • Certified Teleclass Trainer, Coachville
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                                  My Short "Got Saved" Story

I was an Atheist.   The idea of God both terrified me and enraged me. It was better there was no God to me.   I was not a fan of God and
quite frankly, I wanted nothing to do it/him/her or people who always talked about God.   Well, Life seemed to have other plans for me.  My
life became more of a mess and I thought I lost my mind.  I  OED  on drugs and had my second death experience.  My life was never the
same again  because of it.

A friend of mine invited me to church a few weeks after the event and I said,  “What the hell do I have to lose?” and said yes.   In church,
with my friend as witness, I asked, "
Lord Jesus Christ to come into my heart and to forgive all my sins."   Well, nothing happened for the
rest of the day.

The next morning was a different story. I awoke seeing everything differently. I could see and hear that everything was alive. I could see
everything as energy.   I was in the absolute knowing that God was in all and through it all and that this was good.  I also felt a joy I had not
experienced in this world that would just “be” with me.   It was great.......

A week later…most of this blissful experience wore off and I was back to the my regular life.  But a lot of things were different.  Namely my
perspective on I saw the world. I really thought the way I saw life , was really the way life was.  I could not have been any more
wrong.   I am on the path of recovery and re-discovery of the knowledge of my inheritance, from our Creator.

Now,  30 years later,  I can not say the journey with God has been always easy but I can say it has been the most rewarding.  They say,
love the lovable is easy...the test ... to be in the middle of the darkest of dark and love there, too.  

Thanks for reading this short version of my story.
"Our uniqueness, working together,
is beauty beyond words."