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                             Christian Life Coaching   --  Holy Spirit Led Coaching.      
                                                                What is it??

Hi...For years, clients have not been able to describe the profound experiences they have in these coaching  sessions.  Myself
included. Each session is a visitation from God.( to me and many others).  Each session starts out and ends up in prayer...
thanking Holy Spirit for the guidance that Jesus promised to give us after his descend and ascend.
(.John 14:26 But the Helper, the
Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.)  
So, with Prayer that ask the Father, what words can I use to describe the God/goodness that is in these sessions...
The answer comes to me.....Testimonies!!

So here are two new testimonies to start.
If you have any questions please feel free to email or call.  

Testimony 1

I am writing this letter in reference to an appointment I had with Ms. Dawnrose, a truly gifted person,
operating in spiritual truth.  I met Ms. Dawnrose through a friend that informed me about her sessions with
Ms. Dawnrose and the profound way in which these sessions enlightened her,  taking her in to another level
in her spiritual walk.  
This is a very different approach which cannot be fully explained due to the various degrees by which these
sessions takes place.  If you are looking for the normal type of spiritual tools, this will not follow the usual
standard.   The way in which this sessions starts is with a process of questions that leads you to obtaining
the answers through the Holy Spirit. You are guided through a ‘deep inner searching’ in which you discover
things about yourself that you did not know (or want to know) much less realize the affect that it was having
on your life.   In addition to this part, the Holy Spirit explains certain avenues of your life that you may have
questions about, bringing an explanation as to why these events occurred and the bigger meaning behind
them.  I can truly state that you leave feeling ‘enlightened’ on many levels which will take hours to fully
process afterwards.  I would highly recommend anyone who is searching to strengthen their spiritual
foundation to take advantage of at least one session with Ms. Dawnrose.  Through this one session, you will
understand more than you could have ever imagined through this true vessel of God! I came into the session
"stuck" on a few areas of my life and now I am stuck no more.  
Praise God.

David Harris
Mental Health Professional
Forestville, Md

Testimony 2

My session with Dawnrose was the most profound thing I have ever experience . With each session I have
experienced Christ Light and Love that filled my Body with Peace , Love and Joy  That I have never
experienced in my life . When she brings the delivery of the message to you . It will be personal their is no
doubt that the Holy Spirit is talking to you directly by things that only you know to be the truth from within
. You will Laugh , Cry and have moments of pure Silence . It will bring Truth , Direction  and Guidance that
is needed in that moment to help you move forward in a way you never knew was possible . Each session is
like unfolding of your soul in way you cannot put in words . It is something personal and something you
have to experience to embrace the Holy Spirit in way you never knew you could . My walk with God has
become stronger and the Holy Spirit grows stronger within me daily . I highly suggest you embrace this
opportunity to grow spiritually . The Magnitude of what you will gain is beyond your rational mind . I will
continue my sessions to walk stronger in Christ and be Joyful in a way that shows you the impossible is
possible .  God Bless and Embrace The Divine Truth Of Yourself , in Christ Jesus...Amen! Give yourself a Gift
Of Love and joy and peace be with you !  Blessings to you and yours.

Charlotte Beatty
Health Care Specialist
Massage Therapist
Winchester, Virginia
In the service of the highest good for all

When everyone wins, we have Heaven on Earth.   –Source and Dawnrose