Love's Series
To be a Wand carrier is a very special
privilege.  You can bless every living
thing, including yourself.  To see these
wands really work their magic, it is
recommended to include the highest
good of all, to your own request.
wand,  is joyfully signitured with
Love's Spell and Loves Touch!   They
are handcrafted, by myself, in the
energies of Bliss.
Love's Wands are Universal and can be
used for everything.
For those who want to purchase more than one wands please e-mail  
me and I will e-mail you a PayPal link and the adjustment on the
The wands come in holographic pink, silver, gold, green, red, blue,
purple and a mix and match of the following colors.  
Please specify the color you want.

Level 1 wand (2 sided)              $13.00 each
Level 2 wand (3 sided )         $17.00 each
Level 3 wand (4 sided)          $21.00 each
1 of each Levels                 $40.00
                     These prices include the shipping and handling
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I have field tested these wands and
find them to work amazingly well.   
Just amazing.  We are asked, by our
Creator, to Ask  more for what we
Want. These wand's are one of God's
fun tools to practice you in the Art of
Asking  and
Letting Go.  The  Wands
in themselves do not carry the power
alone.   You ,your asking ,taking
(swinging the wand), and letting
go/letting the power of
creation.  Creation is a collaborative
So with great joy, I am now offering
these  Wanderful Wands to the
I envision everyone in the whole
world asking for more Love and more