Source Speaks

Silence the mind and be-still the heart and then you will KNOW where I AM.

There will be that one moment, in time, when you'll realize you will never have to be unhappy again and you won't be

Negative consequences are experienced only, in the consciousness of polarity (Knowledge of Good and Evil).  In the
consciousness of love there are no negative consequences.

Shut the mind down, and the heart speaks.

Love is conceived by the mind and understood by the heart.

Your ideas of death are killing you.

For now...your "work" is to be in joy.

BeComing.  Be is before the coming.   

Life is like an intricate puzzle that seems to be moving shape all the time and always fits.

The leading edge is the now moment.  It is here, all motion takes place.    

Bring the heart and the mind in agreement... then make your decisions.
(Your emotions and your thoughts)

Prayer is Action.

Grow, Know and Glow

Do not fool yourself...lack of love is going to hurt.  It is suppose to. Pain is an indicator you are not seeing the Truth
clearly in that moment.  It is in these times have the right to
Demand from God....God's love, so you cans see
clearly again.  

Forgiveness awakens a natural position of power, inside you, which is the heart and mind of Love.

Anyone can access new levels of genius. What holds most people back from accessing their genius is simply, not
knowing it is there.

The more connected you are to love, the more the fields of answers opens up to you.

Sometimes you can get so into the problem you can not see the solutions....and visa versa.   :o)
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Coach Dawnrose
Now is Time
Now is Time
True serenity is found here, in the Now!