Forgiveness or Not
March 1, 2009

In the coaching world, most religions and in the spiritual community, forgiveness is highly recommended.  
Forgiveness is seen as oil which helps run the engine of Life smoother.

How ever, in my observations, asking or giving forgiveness is not always a very easy thing
to do.  I rarely experience people, in my everyday life, asking me for forgiveness. It is more
like, “Get over it, Dawnrose.” And in reversed rolls I am hoping they will get over it, too.   

Those who want to forgive are those who know the value and the gain of doing it.
When one understands the positive effects forgiveness has on their lives…they may be more inclined to
use it more.

Benefits include:
  • The gift, the power of forgiveness, is with you always.
  • When anyone consciously chooses to ignite the power of forgiveness, abilities to see
    opportunities everywhere open up.
  • Solutions to problems you have had for a long time, just show up.
  • Forgiveness cleans the energy around the event, person, place and or thing.  Then,
a new way can open up.
  • You get along with people even better than before.
  • Synchronicities start showing up in your life daily.
  • A space opens up inside you for more of love consciousness/understanding.

Forgiveness has the ability to transform life from ordinary to extraordinary.  Of course un-forgiveness has
power to transform life into death.   To forgive or not, now this is the question.

Studies have shown that resentment and “holding grudges” affect the physical body , mental body and the
human energy fields and creates disease and illness. Holding grudges is just that.  You are holding the
energy of un-forgiveness inside your body, mind and emotions.  Can you imagine the kind of mess it is
making in there?  

For this month, I am encouraging us to use the tool of forgiveness more in our lives, weather we believe in
it or not.  Forgive the neighbor, forgive the cat, forgive yourselves, and forgive everything and anything.   Let
me know what happens!!

Here are some exercises that can make a difference.

Exercise 1 - Write a list of people you need to ask for forgiveness from.  
Exercise 2 - Write a list of people you think owe you forgiveness.

I am a fan of Forgiveness...please forgive me,

Coach Dawnrose
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