TeleClass Information
June 2009

The imagination is a gift, which can be used to curse or bless.  Everyone has an
imagination and many, unknowingly, have used their imaginations with fear/worry.  
This assist in creating more of what they do not want to see in the world.  Other
uses of the imagination maybe to make up stories, to create a better business and
some use their imagination to speak with God. (I am one)

I know in my generation and the one or two before me …we were taught the
imagination was not a good thing to get lost in.  We were taught to imagine the way
“they” were taught to imagine life to be. Of course, who knew this was co-creating
our realities…not just for our selves but for the whole/mass.

I was also taught that imagination could run into make believe and that make
believe was not valuable to put our energy into.  Funny to know, NOW…it is
through the imagination and make believe… inventions are born, solutions are
found and God/Creator is reached.   

Allowing ourselves to enter into make believe thinking more, helps open us to
unlimited thinking and possibilities.  The imagination is a doorway out of the
“human” box we have a tendency to keep ourselves in.  

Source shows me that the imagination is a powerful manifestation tool and most
have not been trained or exercised to understand what the imagination is or how to
use it to its greater potential.  I am shown when imagination is used, with a true
inner agreement (mind and heart) within the self, the energy flows from with-in,
out.  As a result, you begin to see the bigger picture of how to accomplish your

And by the way… add the cherry on top…Imagination is most powerful when 2
or more people hold witness to the imaginings, ask and agree.  

Mathew 18:19   “Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything
that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in Heaven. “

Many Blessings,

YOU ARE IN ETERNITY…NOW!                   -Source

"Be used by all, by the lowest and the smallest. How best can you serve? Let that
be your daily seeking."
--Two Listeners

We are one mind with many perspectives  ~Source
Imagine your greatest dreams about yourself, the earth and its
entire inhabitants.

Are you imagining Life/God giving you what you ask?
Are you imagining Life/God having you work for it?   Struggle?

Are you imagining doom and failure for the world?

Are you imagining success and well being for the world?
Are you still imagining both?

I am imagining you, who read this, to be blessed a thousand fold
this week and you’ll “Know it”!

I am imagining…everyone imagining…Heaven on Earth for all!

Let us ask together these things…and see what happens!!!
Imagination has been used to terrorize a nation
and now… imagine-nation healed.