The Power of Love

February 1, 2009

Being in love is a most powerful thing.  When you are in love everything
and everyone in life is wonderful, patience abounds and life feels and looks
very much like heaven on earth.  

Now, what if we were to say... you can harness this power of love and make it work for you, here, today and everyday
there after?


First, find love inside your self and then begin to grow it. Think of a loved one or an animal or even your favorite football
team.   Feel you feel this you are actually vibrating the power of love.  Keep at it.  Grow it.  Practice it.  The more
you can stay in this feeling the more power you are generating for yourself to receive and give more love.  

To love is a lifestyle choice. This is about a conscious choice to grow your own love capabilities.   In most people, these
love muscles are out of shape and in need of some exercise.  Basically, if you really think about it,  we all could love
more.    Now, why would we want to choose to love more and more?  

Some reasons why:

  • Your highest, most profitable answers lie in the presence of love and or peace.
  • Everyone around you gets blessed, including you.
  • Your understanding expands.  
  • You see The Divine Plan, the bigger picture, better.
  • You see your part and purpose in the Whole.
  • In the "feeling " of love, the biology of the human body creates healing chemicals which carry the potential reality
    of manifesting eternal youth, perfect health.  (Love is the only energy where this takes place.)
  • Anyone in the range of love  "felt and experienced"  by someone else, is also affected in a positive healing way,
    physically, mentally and emotionally. It is contagious.
  • The experience of Heaven on Earth is only found in love.
  • Your reality gets better and better not just for yourself but everyone around you.

There are many more benefits to choosing to love. These are just a few.  If anyone of you wants to share your
experience of the benefits you have received from being loved or loving,  please e-mail me and tell me your story.  
Coaching Challenge:
Commit to bless at least one person a day for 30 days in a row.

I am a fan of love,

Coach Dawnrose
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People ask what must they become to be loving. The answer is ‘nothing.’ It is
a process of letting go of what you thought you had become and allowing
your true nature to float to the surface naturally."
Stephen Levine
""Listening to your heart is the same as listening to the Holy Spirit.
They both speak the same language of Love."  
--  The Voice for Love