“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created
                                                                                                 --Albert Einstein

“Changing mass consciousness is an individual responsibility."         
--Dennis Weaver

August 2009

I felt drawn to write on the subject of consciousness this month and it did not take me
long to realize the topic is a vast vault of many definitions, divisions and unknowns.  
Leading experts  in the field of consciousness are baffled and still can not explain the
functioning and the origins of consciousness.  

In Lieu of the many definitions and opinions of what consciousness is or is not,  I took
the liberty of finding a mix of ideas and concepts and included them in this writing.  I
also asked Source to further expand our knowledge/experience of what higher
consciousness is.

Dictionary.com - Consciousness  1. The state of being conscious; awareness of
one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc.  2. The thoughts and
feelings, collectively, of an individual or of an aggregate of people: the moral
consciousness of a nation.   3. Full activity of the mind and senses, as in waking life:
to regain consciousness after fainting.   4. Awareness of something for what it is;
internal knowledge: consciousness of wrongdoing.

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Awake   Aware   Enlightenment    Subconscious   Unconscious mind
Collective unconscious   Collective consciousness   Artificial consciousness
Higher consciousness

Related phrases:   
stream of consciousness   self consciousness   states of consciousness  
False consciousness  collective consciousness society

According to Source, in me…Higher Consciousness is God Consciousness which is in
every being.  It can also be referred to as Full Consciousness.

Some of the characteristics of Full/God/Higher consciousness:

  • Higher consciousness tends to over look what is not working and focus’s more
  • on what does.   
  • Higher consciousness sees solutions to all problems. It never sees problems.  
  • Full consciousness sees only the next steps to take.
  • Full consciousness sees we are all one. Where one is harmed all are harmed
  • when one is helped all are helped.
  • Higher consciousness is aware of the absolute truth in every moment.
  • Higher consciousness acknowledges all realities and sees only one truth…love.
  • God consciousness sees the perfection that is working at all times.  Life has
  • way “more better” going on than not.
  • God consciousness sees perfection as motion which is ever moving and only
  • appears stationary.  Perfection is a work in progress, so to speak.    
  • Higher consciousness has access to all universal knowledge of well being in
  • every given moment.
  • God consciousness is aware that everyone and everything counts.  
  • Full consciousness is aware, awake, here now, to heaven on Earth.

“Hell is a place, a time, a consciousness, in which there is no love.”
                                                 -- Richard Bach

“Heaven is a Place, a time, a consciousness, in which there is nothing but
                                                                                          -- Source

“Awakening begins with noticing more of what you normally ignore.”
                                              –Kimberly Marooney

“Man is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness from which he emerges and
the infinity in which he is engulfed.”  
                                – Blaise Pascal

Many Blessings,


The purpose of ascension is to master both the spiritual AND
material planes. Spirituality can definitely lead us to ascension, but it
is only through the process of merging the physical and
non-physical dimensions (spirit & matter) that we attain full
consciousness.   -- LAUREN C. GORGO  
A Course in Miracles
Lesson 160

“I am at home, fear is the
stranger here.”

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Beta:      12 – 30 Hz

Alpha:      8 – 12 Hz

Theta:      4 – 8 Hz

Delta:  0.01 – 4 Hz
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