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I was regretting the past and fearing the future
Suddenly my Lord was speaking:
My name is I AM.
He paused, I waited, He continued;
When you live in the past, with all it's mistakes
and regrets, it is hard.  I AM not there.
My name is not I WAS.
When you live in future, with it's problems and
fears, it is hard.  I AM not there.
My name is not I WILL BE.
When you live in this moment;
It is not hard.  I AM here.
My name is I AM.
I AM Presence
How to Make Hummingbird Food
by Jane Lake

Bee balm, hollyhock, hibiscus, trumpet honeysuckle, clematis, impatiens,
phlox and fuchsias are some of the common flowers that will attract
hummingbirds to your garden. But hanging a hummingbird feeder where you
can easily see it is probably the best way to observe the hummingbirds in
There's no need to buy expensive hummingbird nectar - make your own,
from this simple hummingbird syrup recipe.

Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

1 part sugar/4 parts water

Boil the water first, then measure and add sugar, at the rate of 1/4 cup of
sugar to 1 cup of water.

Let cool and store excess in refrigerator until ready to use.

Do not add food coloring, honey (which ferments), or artificial sweetener,
which has no nutritional value.

You will need to clean your feeder about once a week. According to the
National Audubon Society, this should be done by rinsing with one part white
vinegar to four parts water. If the feeder is dirty, try adding a few grains of
dry rice to the vinegar solution to help scrub it clean. Follow the vinegar wash
by rinsing three times with clear, warm water before refilling with sugar
The wing beat rate of hummingbirds varies by species, with the common
Ruby-Throated Hummingbird averaging a wing beat of about 53 per second,
seen by the human eye as a blur. The wings move in a figure eight pattern to
produce the gravity-defying hover effect for which hummers are famous. The
energy needs of this little bird are amazing - they must feed every 10 to 15
minutes throughout the day, consuming up to two thirds of their body weight
in food. An important part of the hummingbird diet is sugar, from flower
nectar, tree sap and, of course, backyard feeders.
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